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"He rolled a log off the high hilltop,
Say 'bout the middle of autumn,
How could he know, 'fore it came to a stop,
They would meet with force at the bottom!"

So, there we were, several administrators of Salon Schools Group, enjoying some wine and planning our strategy for the winter months, when a beautiful young lady approached reluctantly to ask if "Ms. Moore" was at the table.

"I doubt you remember me, but I am Tabetha, Tabetha Pinks. I am the little-girl model from a style show 15 years ago! Because you thought I was so cute, you gave me a full tuition scholarship to attend your school when I grew up!  As I got older, I imagined you were probably just making me feel special, but I never forgot that day, and I never had any doubt that I wanted to attend your school and have a career as a hair professional. I could hardly believe it when I learned that a full scholarship was reserved just for me. Well, here I am with my family, celebrating that I graduate tomorrow and start my career as a professional cosmetologist!"

What a fun "reunion" as we chatted and snapped a few pics with Tabetha, her mother and friends.

There are a thousand reasons we should not have collided at that restaurant- how often we never get around to hearing "the rest of the story". Fortune smiled on us that evening, and we feel so happy to have had the chance to witness the joy of a new grad on her way to a wonderful profession! Good luck, Tabby!


Tabby Pinks, front center surrounded by her Mom, Tami Iguchi; Salon Schools Group President, Sue Moore; Salon Schools Group General Manager, Luke Hanks & Salon Schools Group Chairman, James Rogers.