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Pete for Pres

I was just a little guy, but you didn't have to be old to know "Pete The Ragman". He came slowly down the depressing alleys of my poor neighborhood pushing his old two-wheeled cart.

We taunted the old guy without mercy, running after him down the alley with our fun. He never seemed to mind, to get mad, to care. He took whatever we did not want, loaded it into his cart, and wheeled on down the alley, slow and easy.

Rumor had it that Pete was actually a very rich man, changing into his finery at the end of his day with a hot shower which, incidentally we did not have. I never heard whether or not it was true.

Now, I am older than Pete ever was when I was a kid, and I wonder. I feel embarassed and sad that I was too young to realize the import of my impetuous actions.

But I also wonder if I was just on the wrong end of a con. Pete took everything we had to give, never refusing so much as our cat's scat. But,when he rolled down that alley, he had all our gifts, and we had nothing in return.

In the final analysis,Pete had all he needed. He could have been President of the USA!