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Administrative Staff


Our administration offices are located at 1720 E. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43203

If you have questions about our schools or clinic services, please call 614-252-5252 or 800-276-3400 (toll free in Ohio)


Meet the Salon Schools Group Administration...

James Rogers, Chairman

JamesRogersMr. James Rogers began his career as a cosmetology student. As his love for "all things beautiful" grew over the years, so did his passion for training others. After several years as a cosmetology instructor, school manager and school administrator, he decided to acquire his own school so that he could train his students the way he would want to be trained. Beginning with one modest school in downtown Columbus, he expanded his vision to create what is now the Salon Schools Group. Offering Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetics and Nail Technology training, the Salon Schools Group is comprised of Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology, Nationwide Beauty Academy, The Hair Experts Barber School, and The Spa School. Not bad for a guy who just wanted to cut hair and make new friends!

Read more about James Rogers in the Chairman’s message in the "About Us" section of this site.


Sue Carter Moore, President

SueCarterMooreMs. Sue Carter Moore has been working closely with Mr. Rogers since the early days of his career. Ms. Moore has always focused her attention on finding out what is new in the industry and presenting this knowledge to our instructors and students. She wants our students to be as prepared as possible for all of the exciting opportunities that beauty and barber professions offer. Her quest for knowledge has taken her to London, Russia, Hong Kong, and New York.


Learn more about Sue in the President's Message in the "About Us" section of this site.


Bobby Lott, Vice President

bobbyMrs. Bobby Lott spends her days making sure that school managers and instructors receive the support necessary to instruct our students. Her background of teaching and school management makes her the perfect person to work with instructors and students eager to learn more. Mrs. Lott also works closely with state and national educators, accrediting agencies, and professional organizations. These affiliations keep her up to date on what is new in the world of beauty!


Luke Hanks, General Manager


Mr. Luke Hanks joined the organization in 2008 and has since held a role that has increased in responsibility to encompass every aspect of daily operation. Mr. Hanks has a strong background in finance and came to us from Nationwide Insurance, where he spent many years learning the ins and outs of corporate America.

In short order, Mr. Hanks has grasped a leadership position and has given us a fresh perspective that we anticipate will provide a solid foundation for the future. His heavy involvement with the State Board of Cosmetology provides an opportunity to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry for generations to come.


Marilyn Spangler & Sabrina Walden

Marilyn and Sabrina are two very dedicated staff members who are always available to assist our staff members and students. They can answer most questions and will always keep you smiling!




Judy Sabo

Judy is the thread that ties the administrative office to the students at all of our locations! Judy is always anxious to help our students who may be struggling with attendance or other issues that may interfere with their training. Or maybe they just like to chat with this friendly lady!



Sharon Babbert

sharron2An OSSC graduate licensed since 1976, Sharon has been an instructor since 1979.  Her key to success in the beauty industry?  "You need to be just a little crazy!" Other than that she believes that they key to success is directly linked to the amount and quality of continuing education.  Sharon has seen fashions and trends come and go - returning every few years  with a new twist.  She is most excited about the improvements in techniques and products.  She recently completed training in "Lavish Lashes" - a new and exciting eyelash extension product.  Sharon remembers that "false" eyelashes were popular 30 years ago and now they are back - but they are much more naturual looking and durable.   But the one thing that has never changed during her career is knowing that customers want to be treated with care and know that they are special.



Barbara Hereford

BarbBarbara has been a licensed professional and educator since 1975.  Barb believes that the beauty industry has seen many changes since she began her career, however, the need for good or even excellent instructors has never changed.  Students need so much and they expect a lot!  Good instruction will, and will always be, a must.  Barb also believes that because the field of beauty and hair care is constantly changing, one can never get too much education. It takes a full staff of instructors working together to train just one student.