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The Spa School

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At The Spa School we've always offered our students a beautiful facility in which to train...

But we decided "beautiful" wasn't enough.  So we went for awesome, inspiring, inviting, incredible, soothing, uplifting, spectacular...and we came up with our new body, skin and nail services area "Southern Comfort".  Southern Comfort is inspired by the lazy, relaxing days of the Old South - transporting you to a time free of care and responsibility.  Features include double treatment rooms, private facial rooms, a beautiful waxing area, wet rooms, a Vichy shower, inviting manicure and pedicure stations and a fabulous makeup application room (complete with air-brush makeup!)  There simply is no other place like it. 


The Spa School was designed to be a leading educational facility in the area of Spa Sciences and Arts.  

The facility provides three areas of training - Esthetics, Cosmetology and Nail Technology.  Students attending as cosmetology students serve a vital function in supporting the mission of the facility - training  students to become professionals in the beauty industry and use their skills in upscale day spas.  In addition to learning the latest hair styles, designs and techniques, cosmetology students work closely with esthetics and nail care students to provide clients with a relaxing full service spa experience.   A stunning renovation was recently completed at The Spa School and we've also added 6,000 square feet of "Aaaahhh". 


Managing Esthetics

spa-schoolEsthetics students learn both ancient and modern techniques for preserving and enhancing the health and beauty of skin, and practice their art in our popular Spa school. The tranquil and peaceful atmosphere makes a perfect backdrop for the many relaxing and soothing services that are offered.  Mud wraps, essential packs, aroma therapy, jacuzzi milk baths, and spa pedicures are just a few of the many services now offered in the finest Spa salons, and at the Spa School.  Adjacent to the Spa School is "Southern Comfort" - an inviting oasis that transports you to the deep South - complete with southern charm and hospitality.  Y'all don't want to miss this!

The Managing Esthetics Program is a 750 hour program that deals only with skin care. The program can be completed is a few as 6 months.  The course teaches both technical and management skills, and goes beyond entry level, training the student not only in the basic skills needed for gainful employment in a Cosmetology or Esthetics salon, but also in the techniques and knowledge necessary to manage or own an Esthetics salon. Spa training is an important aspect of this course, as students learn to work in a quiet and tranquil setting designed to relax the client.

Products have been developed to soothe, repair and nourish our skin and people have become more educated about the importance of establishing a skin care routine to help slow the hands of time. As an esthetics student you will be the expert in evaluating the needs of your client, and applying the appropriate product using manipulations for the skin designed to relax the client, stimulate blood flow and assist the product in penetrating the skin.  In addition to a traditional line of professional products, an organic line of products is also available for educational and practical use. 

While skin care is certainly the primary focus of the Esthetics course, students will also receive extensive training in custom blending makeup, makeup application and hair removal treatments.


Managing Manicuring/Nail Technology

Students interested in learning about the art and science of hand, foot and nail care will be pleased to join our students at the Spa School.  This 300 The Spa School - Columbus, Ohiohour course teaches both technical and management skills, as well as nail sculpting, the application of artificial nails, pedicuring and Spa services.  In as little as 8 weeks you can be on your way to a career in this vital area of the beauty industry.  An added benefit to receiving manicuring training at the Spa School is the ability to work as a team with both cosmetology and esthetics students - just like in a high-end day spa!  This practical experience will illustrate to your future employer that you not only have the technical skills to be a great manicurist, but you also have the team skills necessary for a full service salon to thrive.