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Got "sticker shock" from buying your prom dress, prom tickets or maybe even a Limo?  Never fear - we are here to save you money AND make you beautiful!  You'll look so good, your friends will be, like, DANG!  And your date will be, like, MEOW! And you'll be, like, "I know, right?!?!"

Call today to reserve your appointment!  And for goodness sake - HAVE FUN!

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This Much Fun Should Not Be Legal!

 Imagine a career where YOU make the calls, design the new looks, create the beauty,  control the future, are the expert - the only one who “knows for sure”! Got it?  Hey - you are imagining Cosmetology!

Above, students of Salon Schools Group, enjoy putting an extra-wide smile on young, enthusiastic faces at the Columbus Arts Fest- and we have been invited back for this year’s festivities June 7, 8 and 9, 2013!

Save the dates!  Come see us - bring the kids.  Even let us give you your own butterfly!  There are no age limits on this kind of fun!  Join in!!

Salon Schools Group - Nobody Does It Better!