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The Bravest March

The day broke clear- the temperature would reach a sweltering 87 degrees.

The attack started like a vision of armageddon- 150 cannons continuously firing until ears rang and the air was like heavy fog from the acrid smoke.

Slowly, 6000 men lined up in a mile and a half queue and turned to face the enemy.

Their task was to march shoulder to shoulder across ¾ mile of open field and take a hill infested with thousands of waiting guns.

And so they marched, their chances so bleak that sharpshooters were stationed to shoot any who tried to turn back. They had a long time to think during that march, a very long time to be brave. Half would be killed or wounded.

Pickett's Charge would fail as it must, and General Lee would retreat, having gone as far into the North as the South ever would in that horrible war.

Today, they would try to get back home. The Union troops would not pursue. Finally, rain. Finally, and end to lethal battle and massive death. One must wonder what thoughts they had, marching home, defeated, on the day we celebrate our independence.

Something to think about, 149 years later.

Dumbing Down Cosmetology

As other professions elevate standards, the Ohio Board of Cosmetology is seeking to lower the educational requirements of the entire cosmetology profession.

Briefly, they intend to eliminate the Manager's License in all disciplines, and slash Management training from all cosmetology programs. One could reasonably conclude this will render graduates of the shorter training unprepared for anything other than working for someone else - a salon owner as they had hoped to be.

We have heard no logical reason for such a reduction of education and salon standards. How can the graduate be better prepared with less training? How is the public better protected (the Board's real purpose) with stripped-down courses, or with salons staffed only with inexperienced new graduates?

Other than a few salon owners, we have heard no one in our industry push for lowering education or for eliminating the need for a managing professional in every salon.

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